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Life Coaching

Life Coaching addresses all of the challenges life can throw your way. The demands placed on all of us in our every day lives can feel overwhelming at times. Sorting out what really matters based on your values and your needs can provide an unprecedented clarity of purpose and vision. Obstacles become surmountable, priorities become clearer and decisions become makeable. Inertia is replaced by decisive thought and action. You suddenly feel lighter, happier and fulfilled. Coaching allows you to step back and observe the bigger picture, in order to respond in a way that reflects who you really want to be.


Generate excitement

Identification and an in-depth examination of your strengths, needs, interests, organizational focus, leadership and preferred work styles are key to determining what you were meant to do and how you do it. This simple but effective process takes into account what comes naturally for you and where your true inclinations lie. Fitting a square peg into a round hole simply will not work, particularly over time. What will work is aligning who you are and what you do best to specific fields of study, industries and job categories. Target positions, resume redesign or creation and interview preparation may be examined in detail depending your individual needs and aspirations. When you love what you do and focus on your strengths, the sky is the limit!


Career Consulting & Personal Growth

Goal Clarity,  

Resume & Interview Skills, 

Navigating Office Dynamic, 

Balance Work -Life- Family, 

Earning the money you Deserve, Breaking Through Barriers

How do you want to be challenged?

3 Month commitment


Short, Sharp and to the point

Do you have a challenge that you are 

stuck with and want solved? 

Or do you have trouble finding

 the motivation to begin with the tasks that 

you really know are the most important? 


6 Month commitment


Coaching: Going deep  

You want to go deeper to find out what you really, really want. Despite what the world around you is expecting, you want to find your measurement of success. 

And living in alignment with your values.


Full Year commitment


Coaching: All in

You're all in and ready to invest your time, effort and money for a full year's commitment to get more out of life. Because you want to go to a whole new level of living in alignment with your potential.


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