About me

Since I was a child...


... my characteristics are four:           

I wanted to explore the world, I wanted to help those around me, I had a strong attraction to the unknown and  I never stopped searching for answers to "why". 

Wanting to explore the depths of the human soul and looking for answers to my existential questions,  were the reasons I started my own personal journey...

 My curiosity to understand   Human Existence, Social Issues and Sociological Behavior allowed me to attend different types of seminars  in Europe and abroad in search of the missing link 

that I was looking for!​

Several times  I stepped out of my 

'comfort zone' in order to discover my strength.  While I was on that path, I suffered in many ways, but  judging by the outcome,  I believe that everything turned to be as it was supposed to be. Not only did I find many of the answers I was looking for, but I also had the opportunity to rediscover myself and to be amazed!

Born in Montreal...


... raised  in Athens (Greece) where I worked in different fields  in the  private & public sector, I use my academic experience 

 (BA in Social Anthropology & M.Sc. in Organizational Psychology- HR)

 to help people  from different origins to bring out their emotions,

 thoughts /needs and to explore 

their real potentials in their personal or professional lives.​

I started my coaching path in 2015 and in 2016 the idea of transforming others' lives was seemed to be  what I was looking for. Well  to be honest, my belief is that we create whatever life we want to, and I did just that!

Since 2017, I am a freelance Certified Personal & Professional Coach, Consulter & Trainer.  I have completed  various European & North American accredited  programs from  the International Coach Federation 

(which is the largest resource for professional coaches worldwide )  . 

I am also a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner , Therapeutic Art Life Coach & NLP Practitioner.

Woman, mother and...


... a travel lover who seeks to discover new places and meet new people I consider myself a citizen of the world. Travelled to more than 38 countries, I hope to be able to go to the 158 left  keeping always my favourite quote in mind: "fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by travelling." 

Founder of  a NPO "Montreal Coaches" (www.montrealcoaches.com)  & owner of a Transformational Center,  based in Montreal , I have created everything I could have dreamt of and I continue to do so, as I feel inspired to take action to achieve new goals. I'm passionate about helping others manifest their deepest desires and sharing the practices that have allowed me to thrive. 

My passions  besides my job, 

include my son, my family, my friends  and  everything new that can 

make me feel happy.

I always believed that  it’s nice to surround yourself with people who seem to make life as beautiful as it is, so I try to  stay positive, enjoy every moment and look always 

at the bright side of life!