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Robert. G. Age 47

"Struggling to figure out what path to take professionally, I found myself  hopeless in a loop of being unhappy and wasting energy complaining about everything. Mary helped me to understand “what was missing”, to take a step back and think about who I  really am and what matters to me. It was so important to realize that my values and priorities changed over the years. Now I know what direction to take 

and what strategy to use so to achieve all my goals."  

Angela. B. Age 39

"I was trapped in a glass bubble looking out at the world.  I could see how it could be, I could see how others could live happy, fulfilling lives.  But I couldn't make it happen for myself.  Nobody noticed my suffering.  Mary was the first person who really heard me.  She looked into the glass bubble at me and said metaphorically,

 "hello there, do you want to come out here with me?".

  She kindly and gently led me out of that bubble and now I am in a position to say that I am happier than I've been in the last 18 years of my life."

Emmanuel. P. Age 41

"I  really felt very at ease working with Mary. 

Her empathetic steer helped me achieve the direction I needed. 

She help me realize that I am reason of my own success and hapiness "

Anna-Marie. S. Age 28

"There are no words to describe the feeling I had, after realizing how helpful 

was the coaching experience I had with Mary. 

My decision to start exploring my potentials was the best thing I did for myself! "

Be the reason for your own happiness!